Chakra Positive Affirmation Cards

Each 5” x 7” card is a reproduction of original artwork by Sylvia Weld Brewster. Each card also has a positive affirmation below the artwork to inspire the reader. Printed on recycled paper.

The Root Chakra

I reach down deep into the earth. I feel my roots. I am grounded. I am strong.

The Sacral Chakra

I splash in the waves of creativity and pleasure. I feel my power. I am joyful.

The Solar Plexis Chakra

I shine brightly like the sun. I feel my center. I am courageous. I am confident

The Heart Chakra

I breathe Love into my heart. I love myself. I know forgiveness and compassion. I am One

The Throat Chakra

I speak my truth. I sing like the angels in the sky. I express my soul. I am in harmony

The Ear Chakras

I hear clearly. I listen to my guides. I am in tune. I am balanced.

The Third Eye Chakra

I see the beauty of the Universe. I trust my intuition and my dreams. I am clear

The Crown Chakra

I open my crown to divine guidance. I feel my oneness with all. I am conscious.

Chakra Box Set

Box set of 8 Chakra cards